Best Price Guarantee

Shopping with GST means you always get the best price.

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between the best prices and the best service.  In the event you find a price lower than ours from an accredited bullion dealer, we will gladly match their all-in price, which includes all shipping costs and other fees.

If we can verify the item is in stock, ready to ship, and comes from an authorized bullion dealer, we will give you their all-in price.  Call our trading desk at 713-205-0700 to place your order now.

Please note that the advertised item must be the same model, brand, and condition as the product we are offering.  Price matching will be performed including costs of shipping and insurance to your address.  Prices must be listed in United States dollars.  We will not price match errors or misprints, limited-time offers, clearance sales, free or bonus offers, rebates, coupons, credit card orders, or payment options that do not match our own.

Any order where we price match is subject to our Terms of Service.